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I Have Been Waiting For This Day

So today is the day that I have been waiting for since the day Shaun was born, Football. We maybe not since the day he was born but I am super excited about today and so is he.

Today starts the first day of football practice and this is a whole new journey for Shaun and I. Shaun has played soccer in the past and did well but football is pretty new to him. Shaun and I have been throwing the ball as well and doing blocking drills over the last month or so and so far he has done really well. Time will tell how he does when he gets knocked down or when it comes time for him to make his first tackle but I feel pretty confident he will do fine.

Along with Shaun playing football comes added responsibly that I have taken on like assistant coaching, website management and a few other tasks.

I am looking forward to being a part of the team but my biggest task will be our teams website. With the website being brand new I need to create forms and provide information about registration, practice, etc that parents can easily find a print. I also want to create a few web forms along with a feedback form so that our organization will know how we are doing. Parents sometimes don’t like to voice their opinions in public but with a feedback form this will give them the opportunity to let us know what is on their mind.

So today is the start of something entirely new for Shaun and I but I have a good feeling about this season and feel as long as Shaun wants to he will do great.

Wish us luck!!!

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