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iPad Protection against little hands

My kids love electronics, they are always asking for my phone, the teens iPod, our iPad or their laptop. I don’t mind letting them play sometimes but I panic when it comes to them handling the actual devices. See, the little one already broke a Nintendo DS by dropping it repeatedly so I’m leary with giving her the iPad especially. I turned to Otterbox and asked for the best ipad protection solution. They recommended the Defender Series iPad case.

otterbox silicone case

Talk about rugged, severe protection. This multi-layer system really protects against drops, bangs and bumps. The 1st step is a silicone shock absorbing wrap. This part is what protects against the drops. I know this because our iPad took a spill the other day and it literally looked like it bounced. The second step is a hard plastic cover which also acts as a stand for video viewing or scrolling through recipes. This is how I read my magazines or scroll websites while eating breakfast.

reading time

top input cover

My only complaint is the loose headphone jack cover. It doesn’t fit into the rest of the casing so it’s not a snug fit. Rob’s smartphone Otterbox had the same problem. It’s not a big deal just a bit annoying. Overall the security of Otterbox outways this small defect. Removing the Otterbox was tough.  We had to watch the installation video 2 times to make sure we were doing the steps correctly.

For those times when you need a little extra security the Utility Series Latch is the only accessory you’ll need.  This strapped holder works perfectly in the car for movies and reading or trips to the pool and park for assurance of NO dropping.  It can be used with or without the Defender Series attached.  This particular carrier works with the iPad, iPad 2 and the Motorola Zoom.

Otterbox is known for being the innovator of protection for everything from cell phones, mp3 players and ereaders. While they aren’t the most sleek and modern looking they do provide the most protection again little hands and multitasking moms.


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