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We Caved – Not So Wordless Wednesday

So we broke down after about 6 years with no pets and this past weekend got not one but two geckos and a 29 gallon fish tank.  Our plan was to go to the pet store and get just a fish tank but after looking at the geckos the kids pretty much begged for them well Sabreena did at least.  So Saturday night I was up until 11pm or so setting up the gecko tank. On Sunday we needed to go back to the pet store to get crickets for Brown and Biscuit (yup that is what the kids named the geckos) and while there I sort of talked Melinda into a fish tank.  I know on Saturday she really wanted one but the kids got their way instead.  So now everyone got their way and is now happy which means we went from ZERO pets to a bunch all in one weekend.

biscuit and brown




redtail shark

good gecko

I Disclose


  1. They are awesome and no hair balls flying around the livingroom! Everyone need a pet!

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you got a cross-eyed gecko. Hehe! It looks like the kids are thrilled!

  3. He looks so sneaky in that tank!

  4. I could do the fish but not the gecko. Brave one you are!!

  5. What an awesome picture of Brown!

  6. Oh, we used to have anoles which were awesome…fed them crickets. We want a chameleon now…lol.

  7. Great shots!

  8. At least they’re the low-maintenance kind, right?

    • they haven’t been low maintenance yet. we’re having issues with crickets and mealworms. hopefully it levels out

  9. Hooray you caved!! My boys would LOVE a geko! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  10. I have been really wanting to get a fish tank. My son loves to watch fish and I think it would be great.

  11. We have a gecko too!

  12. That’s a long time to go without pets! The geckos are pretty darn cool, I bet your kids are enjoying them.

  13. I take my son to the pet store just to look around sometimes. It’s ridiculous, now. The last time I took him he wanted a bird, an iguana, and a guinea pig. Oh. AND a cat. I told him I’ll think about getting a beta fish. That sounds the easiest to care for. lol

  14. Be happy you ended up with geckos and not a dog…LOL

  15. I couldn’t handle the geckos. My son would love them.

  16. lol, glad you did it…
    that won’t be happening here!!!
    great shots though and I am sure the kiddos love em

  17. You all are making me want a fish. LOL! Congrats on the new edition to the family.

  18. have fun! My 2 year old loves going to look at the “sharks” (like what you got) at Petsmart 🙂

  19. Oh what fun!

  20. I love geckos!!! So cute.

  21. I’ve always thought geckos were cool!
    Happy WW!

  22. Love the fish tank. The kids must be so excited!

  23. Wow – what fun! I love fishtanks, but we had to get rid of ours- too big!

    Love the gecko names!

  24. Geckos are so cute. I have always wanted one. We just recently got a fish tank and already had an inside/outside cat.

  25. I love all your new pets… the best thing about all of them is you don’t have to walk them or pick up poop like I do. HaHa
    Glad everyone in the house is happy. =)

  26. All I have to say about this is……….better you than me! 🙂


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