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It’s not my fault

Once upon a time Sabreena was an only child. She was well behaved, polite, dramatic and too smart for her own good. She understood things children shouldn’t and loved to hang out with adults. People constantly commented how mature she appeared. Then came along her little brother Shaun. He adored her and followed her everywhere. He did what she did, watched what she watched and wanted to be with her constantly. Sabreena, being the tolerant big sister, allowed most of this behavior as long as he wasn’t annoying her. The annoying started in his toddler years, we have the photos to prove it, but that didn’t stop him. While most of the time they got along perfectly there were moments when one thought they were having knock down drag out fist fights. She continued doing the things SHE wanted to do and he was either going to catch up or be left behind.

in the morning

2 hours later

He caught up and caught on to the “mature” language and behavior that big sisters often display. I’m not talking foul language or inappropriate behavior but things that little kids shouldn’t know. He became a wise guy, a smack talker, a joke teller, too smart for his own good.

Then Shaun became the big brother. Shae was doomed from the start. In the beginning there was some hope of her staying sweet and innocent. Her big sister and brother treated her like a princess; doting on her every need and want and accommodating her every step of the way. TV watching was based on what Shae wanted, playtime was what Shae wanted to play and it was becoming quite clear who was the boss. The big kids noticed the trend and started standing up for themselves. They took back their standings and let her know they were in charge. It was too late. Shae had already become the ALPHA in this sibling relationship.

sneaky little smile

Shae can now smack talk during a game of UNO, brag about who loves who the most and do a victory dance on the crushed spirit of her unwitting opponents. All thanks to the 2 people that love her probably more than Rob and I.

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