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Toob Time

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When Shaun entered the 2 year old class in daycare back in 2005 the teachers were impressed with his animal recognition and sounds.

Typically kids know cat, dog, cow and bird but he could recognize an iguana, zebra, walrus and sloth. While I’d like to take the credit for this braniac moment it wasn’t me. I had Animal Toobs to thank. Purchasing these toobs actually goes back to little Sabreena. We would pick them up at zoos, museum gift shops and often stuff her stocking with one come Christmas. By the time Shaun came around we had already accumulated a grand collection. He truly played with them and we ended up losing a good amount of them by the time Shae got to them. We’ve been adding to the collection again. Here you see we opened up a Farm Toob from GummyLump.com. They are an inexpensive and educational gift for kids of any age especially since they come in a variety of themes like Pirate, Coral Reef and Dinosaurs. Whatever the obsession of the week is I’m sure there is a Toob for it.

Shamu, not a Toob animal but they live together

A great way to learn animal names and sounds

it was a rainy day so we brought the water table inside, empty

horse and farm animals


Thanks to GummyLump.com for including me in your DotCom.Mom Program and sending great toys for my kids to try out. The Toobs were and always are a hit. Visit GummyLump.com for great prices on Toobs, Melissa and Doug and Arts and Craft Supplies for kids.


I Disclose

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  1. My son would really get a kick out of those toys. He loves to play with animals, especially small toys.

  2. I love how toys teach children – learning through play – my kind of education!

  3. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I don’t believe either of my boys had those.Those figures look really nice.

  4. Toy animals have always been a favorite around here, my daughters bday is coming up and I think I’ll get here some of those horses!

  5. how fun super cute animals my little guy would love to play with those

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