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Halloween Hanging Bat Craft

It’s Halloween and I knew I needed to step up the crafting.  I looked at what we had on hand and figured I could do something with the random toilet paper rolls I had been saving.  I only save a couple at a time but I know they come in handy.


hanging halloween bat

Halloween Bats
toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half)
black construction paper or foam or cardstock for wings
black paint, we used acrylic but poster paint would work well
googly eyes
glitter glue pens
string, twine or fishing line to hang finished bats


get your supplies ready and wings cut

Start off with covering your work area. I know paint is washable but I still like to put something down to protect my dining table. I use scrap cardboard most of the time because it dries fast and can be reused then tossed when it’s too gross.

As you can see from the picture below the tube ends need to be folded a certain way to establish the looks of bat ears and the bottom.


folding your toilet paper roll

Paint your toilet paper roll. I had Shae unfold the ends to paint it thoroughly but quickly folded them back down before it dried. This helped with the overall look; no brown peeking out.


shae uses a clothespin to hold wet painted bat

Once your bat is dry ( 15 minutes with acrylic paint) add dabs of glue to secure wings( cut from black paper) and googly eyes. Shae then used a silver glitter pen to add fangs. A red glitter pen would be good too if you want a more spooky bat with blood dripping fangs.

tape adds a little more security to glued wings


fangs all by herself

Once everything is completely dry and secure punch a little hole near the wings and hang from your desired spot. We use our dining chandelier a lot. I used twine this time because I liked the rustic look. Fishing line would disappear and make your bats look like they are floating.

Share your Halloween kids crafts!

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