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This one brings back memories

Home Décor has never been so much fun now that I’m working with Gallery Direct. You seen Rob’s Father’s Day Gift and our bedroom addition, now it’s time to see the unique twist I installed in our living room.


Merrymaking IV from M Drake

I had a long wishlist of art that I wanted for the house in all different styles. I am particularly drawn to florals and landscape scenes but when I found M Drake’s Merrymaking collection I was in love. It reminded me of vacations at the beach and how little time we spent there this past summer. I wanted to capture a piece of those memories and be able to see it each day. Merrymaking IV is the Ferris Wheel installation and it’s so much fun to look at. With greens and purples it doesn’t match our living room at all but it doesn’t matter. Each person that has seen it is instantly taken a back and mentions how much they like it. I’d love to get another piece but I am all out of wall space in this room.

gallery-direct-ambassador-bloggerGallery Direct is proud to be a sponsor of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We’ve all seen the extraordinary transformations of families all over the nation. If you take a closer look inside the homes you’ll see lots of my favorite pieces and artists being represented. You can see M Drake’s pieces here at Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore.
Take my word for it; Gallery Direct has so much to offer and the quality is awesome. Take a peek around and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page; they often have coupon codes and giveaways going on.

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