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Keep You Dam Hands Off My Kid!!!!

Why do kids walk around and think that it is ok to lay their hands on other kids? Do they learn this behavior at home from their parents? Do their parents hit each other? Do their parents hit other people for no reason? I need to assume yes to this question because to me there is no other explanation for this kind of behavior.

This post is coming to you due to a situation that happened today at a 9 years olds birthday party. Shaun was invited to a classmate’s party today at his house where they had a bounce house for the kids. As a parent I understand the rough nature of a bounce house and horse play will happen when you get 6-7 boys in a confined area but to me that doesn’t mean it is ok for you to hit other kids because you were bumped into. Today Shaun was pushed into another kid and we are not sure if by accident or on purpose but the kid who Shaun bumped into though a proper response was to punch Shaun in the face. Really, a punch in the face was really necessary because you we bumped and knocked down? This same kid also kicked Shaun in the privates on two other occasions for the same situation happening. How about asking what happened and realizing that it was an accident and people get knocked down in bounce houses and continue to play not use physical force.

Now I have a problem with this on so many levels but my first question is where the hell were the parents and why were the father or mother not posted outside of the bounce house like they were on military patrol? These are by the way crazy and hyper 8 and 9 year olds who need to be monitored the whole time they are in the bounce house. Second thing why when I pick up Shaun does the mother tell me “we had a bad day today”. What the hell does that mean? To me that meant she had a house full of hyper boys who raised hell not that another kid punched my kid in the face and kicked him in the privates while acting like nothing happened. I didn’t get the full story from Shaun until we were almost home and let me tell you I was PISSED beyond belief. I know some of you are going to ask why I didn’t stay with him but I know when we had Shaun’s party back in March parents didn’t stay. They left a contact number in case there was a problem and went about their way and assumed Melinda and I were responsible enough adults to handle their kids which we were and we did with no incident. I left my phone number so I have no clue why the mother didn’t call me to let me know Shaun was punched, kicked or whatever she thought happened. Oh yeah, I forgot she didn’t know because she wasn’t outside with the kids!!!!! IDIOT!!!!!

I know Shaun should have told an adult to call us but Shaun like most kids didn’t want to leave the party so he didn’t have the mother call us but the mother should have realized this was a situation that needed some attention. HELLO here people my son was assaulted and no one felt that is was important enough to address. Now I know I don’t have the FULL story but the parents should have asked questions when Shaun came out crying needing ice for his face. To me asking additional question would be the normal response from an adult so they know what is going on.

My first response was to tell Shaun next time someone messes with him to kick their ass but these days it isn’t that simple. Kids get expelled from school, cops are called plus that would mean Shaun was acting just like they were which isn’t teaching him anything. I am not sure what the right answer here is but Shaun wants to be friends with everyone and play I am not sure why others kids treat him like crap but Melinda and I trying to teach him to stand up for himself and no play with kids who are bullies and mean to others.

Any thoughts on this?

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