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We Are Now In The Christmas Spirit

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Yesterday we decorated the house and put up our Christmas tree and now I am in the holiday spirit.  Shaun put up his Christmas tree yesterday and Sabreena is working on hers as we speak.  Our yearly tradition is to decorate for Christmas the day or weekend after Christmas because once New Year’s day hits everything is packed up and put away until next Christmas.  Here are a few pictures of our holiday decorations.

Family Tree In The Living Room

Shaun's Tree In His Room

Sabreena's Tree In Her Room

Shae is now asking for her own Christmas tree since her sister and brother have one which she will get but not until she is around 7 or 8 years old.  So we are now decorated and ready for Christmas but now I am totally exhausted and need a nap.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  Do your kids have their own Christmas tree?

I Disclose

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  1. I just love it that your kids have their own trees in their own rooms! I would love to do something like that in my house – we put a big tree in our family room and I put a little tree in our bathroom!

  2. Melinda says

    in your bathroom? that made me laugh 🙂 the little one keeps asking when she can get her own tree now, she’s got a couple years still.

  3. Love it. We usually do the weekend of Thanksgiving but I am so beat, so we are doing it next weekend

  4. We’re getting into the Christmas Spirit too. We have the tree up, but it looks like Santa’s Sleigh blew up in our living room. My kids do have their own tree, and look forward to putting it up every year.

  5. I’m in the Christmas spirit, but I don’t have the tree up yet. I usually have it up the day before Thanksgiving!

  6. That’s so cool that you put trees in your kids rooms! You’re so festive and in the spirit of things. I haven’t done a bloomin’ thing. We’re going to family for Christmas so I’m debating whether or not to decorate at all! LOL

  7. I love it all! Very festive!

  8. It will be the week before Christmas when we go cut down our Christmas tree this year due to schedules and my son not being able to go this past weekend (he had tonsil out last Monday & took it hard). Anyways, I have set up outdoor lights – my 9 yr old daughter and I did it all by ourselves – the setup is a tad crooked and off balanced but we are both proud of our mother/daughter time and I am proud of her coming up with the idea on how to set them up. This time of year once everyone starts putting up Christmas lights around town I start to feel giddy and happy. Love the Christmas spirit!

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