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Dressing Down for the Holidays with Tea Collection

tea collection logoDressing up the kids for the holidays always seems so daunting. Finding the perfect dress or dressy sweater (that won’t be worn again) and the perfect shoes (that won’t be worn again) and the right shade tights (that never stay up) and then making sure everything fits; it’s just too much work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it before but sometimes I want the kids to wear
Children’s Clothes that look like children’s clothes and be comfortable AND still look great. Tea Collection puts out some of the most unique clothing and accessories for children. Inspiration for the colorful and sometimes funky choices is derived from the designer’s worldwide travels.

amate canon wardrobe set

double eagle wardrobe set

Tea Collection offered me a great opportunity to review some outfits just for this reason. I selected one of their Girl’s Wardrobe Sets ; A is for Awesome, which included 2 tunics/dresses, 1 pair of leggings and 1 pair of bootcut leggings. The colors pulled me in first. The reds are festive but the purples and oranges tones it down for everyday wear. A simple sparkly headband and pair of elegant shoes can dress-up these outfits in a second. Shae’s outfits come from the Mercado Mexicano collection. The folk art bird on Shae’s dress can be found throughout Mexico at festivals, markets and as body art. Using the natural surroundings as a muse creates their pairings of color and pattern.
tea collection mercado mexicano dress tunictea collection girls dress mercado mexicano
Each outfit has been put through a wearing and 2 washings and the materials are still soft and easy to wear. This is important to me as there is NO way I want to monitor labels or pull out an iron for a trip to the grocery store. Tea Collection focuses on what is important; practicality, color and look. I’m hoping to add more Tea Collection to Shae’s wardrobe; these clothes are a natural fit to her easy-going but girly personality.

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