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Mommy Needs a Minute

How often do you feel this way? Me, about every day, at least once. The kids know how to push my buttons, maybe not on purpose but they know exactly what to do to get under my skin.

I come home from an errand to find a sink full of dishes, the TV on and no one watching it, book bags and papers strewn on the table and a dog scratching at the door. What the hell happened to my house? I let the dog out, turn off the TV on, load the dishwasher and clean up the homework mess only to be questioned “What happened to my show?” For real kid? Where were you 10 minutes ago?


I start my yelling spree, each kid gets a dose of mommy fury, I get agitated with myself that I got so angry and now the dog is scratching to be let in. No one steps forward to handle that mess, it’s left to me. So as I’m bent over wiping muddy paws Rob decides to come over and poke my butt peeking out. A simple goofy gesture has just sent me into a tailspin. I’m already pissed I’m handling all of this mess and HIS dog and he wants to literally poke me in the butt. Guess what happens next, the dog licks my face, YUCK. I’m pissed and begin to remind Rob and the kids how awesome their lives are that I’m here for them.

All I want is some cooperation. When I say go brush your teeth I mean go in to the bathroom, brush your teeth and get out. Not go in, battle over the stool, argue over who gets the toothpaste first, swing on the doorknob, hang on the towel bar and make the sink resemble a smurf murder scene.

When I say to wash the dishes I mean every dirty dish not just the ones you feel like washing. I can’t stand cups and water bottles and empty boxes left on the counter when the kitchen was supposed to be cleaned.

Maybe I ask for too much but it’s these things that annoy me the most each day. I yell, I plead, I even bribe but it never fails, the same bad habits creep up I need to either learn better coping methods for my fury or the kids need to learn better listening skills and manners.