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This could be a cool opportunity

I got a really cool opportunity from a sponsor recently. This particular PR rep’s client liked my review so much that they want to add it to their advertising in their storefronts. How cool is that, a blurb written by me on a real live store. She emailed me and asked if I could send her a PDF of the review. I was instantly confused I mean I know how to take documents from PDF to Word but I don’t know how to do it the other way around. I asked around Twitter-land and was told it was really simple I just needed I don’t have that, not that I know of.

Anyway, she got back to me and said she can do it herself she just needed my ok. I figured it would be really cool advertising for LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!. Even if 1 person comes here and reads something funny or enters a giveaway isn’t that worth it? One new reader is better than no new readers, right.
Blogging to me isn’t about getting famous or having 1 million page views a month. Blogging has always been about sharing cool stuff with you guys and giving you a peek into the chaos and joys of our life.

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