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Where Will Your Imagination Take You

Shae and I were playing with SuperStructs the other day and this piece got left behind when everything else got put away.

It’s been sitting on the kitchen table and seems to be the go-to toy lately. Each time Shae or Madi plays anything this gets incorporated into the action. Below is a list of things it has either been transformed into or things we thought to could still be.

it's a magic stick

Food (like a Popsicle or cheese stick)
Marching Band Baton
Musical Instrument
Hammer or Screwdriver
Fishing Pole
Door Knob
You gotta love a kids imagination! Got any ideas for other uses?

I Disclose


  1. My first thought was a wand!

  2. Kids are sooo cool… they come up with the best things.
    Give them a big box along with it and I wonder what they will come up with. =)

  3. Yep, it looks like the marching band baton thingie to me! What about one of the big drum sticks too… you know the ones the guys carry in front of them and hit on each side with a stick-mallet thingie!?

  4. My boys would hold it by the yellow end and use it as a light saber. 🙂

  5. lower case i or exclamation point, spoon, candle for a cake, antennae…love this we do stuff like that at home all the time!

  6. I think that is about the list my kids would choose to use it for. On my kitchen table is crayons and tons of coloring books that just get pushed to the center of table when we eat.

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