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How did you Ring in the New Year?

Happy New Year to all of our Friends, Family, Readers, Sweepers and Bloggin’ Buddies.  Last night was spent as a family in the safety and comfort of our own home.  Our celebration actually started earlier in the day at my best friend’s house with a bottle of wine, exchange of Christmas gifts and homemade soup.

We headed home in time to enjoy or yearly tradition of fondue for the the New Year.  We enjoyed a new recipe with grilled steak, crusty bread, apples and veggies.  Shaun was a huge help shredding cheese and setting the table.  After cheese we started a game of Monopoly, the traditional one not the kids version.  After a couple hours of monopoly we went in for chocolate fondue with marshmallows, graham crackers, brownie bites, cookies and fresh strawberries and of course a little bubbly.  Shaun was a HUGE help again, he trimmed all the stems from the strawberries will I melted down the chocolates and cream.

cheese fondue with the kids
chocolate fondue with the kids
Monopoly continued past the stroke of midnight with Rob and Shaun duking it out but Shaun was victorious. Morning came fast and today will be another spent with family and friends.  Hope you all had a memorable and safe evening and we wish you a grand year of happiness, achievements and met goals!

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  1. Sue Bunting says

    I rang in the New Year with movies and 6 kids only 1 was mine, we all had a blast!!! Let other folks go out and drink I’d rather party with no booze and the “girls”!!!!

  2. I like Monopoly, but I have a limited attention span for it. I can’t believe you played that long!

    Happy New Year!

    Melinda, I got the email and I haven’t answered yet because I’m trying to decide what to do on my dates. Flight timing is super difficult to work with at my airport, so I’ll let you know!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful New Year’s!

    • I’m guessing you didn’t have such a great time with getting sick and all. Hope you feel better soon

      • I tried to make it memorable for the kids, they both stayed awake. We played Yahtzee and Wii bowling. Had lots of fun food and noisemakers.

        I’m so miserable right now. When I’m not sleeping from the fevers, my mouth is in pain from the surgery last Wednesday. I just want to feel normal again.

  4. Thanks again for seasoning the soup so it would be tasty!

  5. Fondue sounds wonderful! I haven’t had that in a long time. I had Charlie’s family over for dinner. We were going to have a family game night, but we never got around to playing games. I ended up going to bed at 11:30. Charlie and Gabriel stayed up until Midnight.

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