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Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart

Just a few short months ago Joe Paterno was a vibrant vision on the fields Beaver Stadium at Penn State. His life was dedicated to the school, the team, the fans and his family. He was living the life most people only dream about. Then something happened; something tragic and senseless and immoral. Joe Paterno was removed from the school and the team he was devoted to for the last 46 years.
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Mr Paterno spoke about the Sandusky case with a heavy heart. He said he honestly felt as if he was guilty of making a poor judgment call concerning the situation. He did what he thought was right at the moment for everyone. JoePa was a man of dignity, loyalty and pride. Hindsight is 20/20. The legacy he leaves behind is now tarnished. Should his life be condemned for the flaws or revered for the accomplishments?

Is it a coincidence that less than 3 months after being told to leave the only life he knew he died? Did a little piece of him die each day as his mind was forced to think about the abuse case that was surrounding him?

Whatever your thoughts on the Sandusky case, JoePa’s mistakes, the team or the University’s decision to stay quiet it’s a sad day at Penn State and many homes around the country.

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