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It wasn’t hers in the first place

She’s cute with her cute little mug isn’t she. It’s technically not her mug though, it was mine that somehow became Sabreena’s.

Over the summer Sabreena and her friends had a tea party and each person had to provide their own cup/mug. She brought one of ours. She asked for permission, I consented; all was good with the world. Fast forward 3-4-5 months and my mug is still missing. You see, last fall I got the opportunity to work with Oneida and received and all new dinnerware. I’ve always wanted stark white dishes and bowls and love love love the sets I received.

white dishes in a cupboard

we actually don't even use the white mugs

Yesterday I come home from getting my haircut and Rob has greeted me at the stairs with my mug in his hand.

Me: Ooooooh, My mug 🙂 Then he turns it around to show me the mustache

Me: What the FCUK!!!!!

Rob(giggling the whole time): Felicia (Sabreena’s friend) decided to paint a mug for each of her friends for Christmas. Since she already had one to give back to Sabreena she decided to use this one.

Me: I’m going to kick her ass.

Sabreena then informs us that the mug has been sitting in her room tucked away for about 2 weeks. She said she forgot about it but I think she was scared shitless about my reaction. I was bummed for a second but quickly laughed it off. It turned out cute and we know Felicia’s intentions were in the right place.

Shaun came home to see Shae drinking out of the mug and instantly said he wanted one too. Maybe Felicia will make us a couple more.

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