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Men Easier Fed than Understood, Ball Park Coupon

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Ball Park Hot Dogs, Facebook The BIG GAME is right around the corner! What are your plans for the day? Are you engaging or hosting the festivities? Do you not really care?

I’m part of the not really care team. Don’t get me wrong, I like football, I’ll watch the games if they are on but I’m not a die-hard fan of any team. Hosting a get-together and putting out a tasty spread is where I fit in.

This year Ball Park wants the guys to get together and get them fed while discussing stats, yards, formations and drives. It doesn’t matter the sport or activity or hobby, whatever Rob talks about just goes in one ear and out the other. Can you imagine my delight when 2 of our friends took up cycling. We were hanging out one day and they started talking gears and components and my best friend and I looked at each other and just walked away with our wine. The conversation they had reminded me a lot of this conversation that Ball Park is sharing.

Ball Park has got it right, Men, Easier Fed than Understood. This year for the Superbowl we’re keeping it low key and simple. As long as the weather cooperates we’ll be grilling burgers and dogs. We’re going to give the new Ball Park Angus Beef Franks a try. Sounds like a very adult meal to me. Better yet it sounds simple and nothing beats a grilled dog.

Try them for yourself too. Visit Ball Park on Facebook, give them a LIKE click and you’ll be able to download a $1 coupon for Ball Park products. Tell me what other MANLY conversations go on around you that you just don’t “get”.

This is a sponsored post. Ball Park product and additional incentives were provided to me. All opinions stated are my own.

I Disclose

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  1. My kids love the Angus dogs! We’re making some on Saturday for Nate’s birthday get together ;0) for the kiddos. (he’ll be 36 tomorrow)

    • I love the Angus dogs as well on the grill with a little spicey mustard. Now I want one. LOL. 36, WOW, I feel old. I will be 38 in March.

  2. We love Ball Park franks!! Thanks for the coupon link.

  3. Thanks, I’ll be using this. We love Ball Park, well I should say Tim and the boys love it. Boys…cause ya know, easier fed than understood. LOL


    • LOL, I agree but they NEED to be cooked on the grill. I do also love them in Mac and cheese. Guilty pleasure of mine as a kid.

  4. We grill even in sub zero temps! We hard core around here 🙂

  5. This year I plan on making lots of appetizers! Ball Park Franks are one of the best so thanks for the coupon.

  6. I’d love to host a Super Bowl party!! Excited about the game, that’s for sure. Those are my favorite hot dogs! Had some last night in fact.

  7. Haha, imagine how Rob felt hanging out with all us girls last weekend.

  8. Men are silly. We do fight nights often with the UFC and the crap they discuss….I’ll never understand:-|

    • Well, women are silly. LOL. I don’t understand those designer shows you women watch.

      • I don’t watch those, they actually annoy me lol. But I love Reality Shows (Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Biggest Loser), cooking shows are the best and I love Lifetime hehe

  9. Mmmm… looks good. Perfect timing seeing this since I’m heading to the store later!

  10. We love those hot dogs so much!! In fact, I am planning to stock up on them for our Super Bowl party!! Thanks for the coupon!

  11. Maryann says

    I love easy food especially for parties. My hubby loves a good wing, but the kids would do hot dogs whenever possible.

  12. Jennifer h says

    hahaha, love it! Thanx for the coupon!

  13. That commercial made me literally LOL. Luckily my fiancee isn’t really into sports either so I don’t have to listen to that type of talk- but he DOES talk about techy computer stuff a lot & while I love the internet, I know NOTHING about actual technology.

  14. LOL! Love “easier fed than understood”. And I have a doozy over here, but I can’t put it on your site. I can barely repeat it in conversation. And thanks for the coupon!

  15. With 6 guys {boys} in the house, I don’t understand half of it either! Ballpark’s got the easier fed than understood thing down right!

  16. I understand men to some degree with several great guy friends and five men in our house, but they still puzzle me sometimes. 😀 😀 That commercial is too funny.

  17. Nancy T says

    This is the only type of hot dog my husband will eat now!

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