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Wedding Gifts Are Hard

As a man I find wedding fun to a certain extent. Meaning I like the food, drinks and then desserts and cake. The one thing that I hate about weddings is looking for wedding gifts.

I feel like Melinda and I are pretty laid back and simple so finding a gift for us would be pretty easy. Something bike riding related for me and something home/kitchen related for Melinda and BAM you just got us the perfect gift.

Unfortunately not everyone is simple like Melinda and I and take a lot more planning and this is where I fall on my face because I don’t have the know-how or concept of wedding gifts. To me a toaster, mixer or even cash seem appropriate but I see people listing china, silver flat wear and this is where my head starts to spin. Thankfully Melinda is a pro at this and usually steps in and takes over. Over the years we have taken the time to go out and purchase a gift and for the last few wedding we even went online and bought a gift. Shopping online for wedding gifts is the way for me because you never need to leave the house and just about everything you can think of is out on the web which is a huge time saver.

I remember when I was the best man in my friend’s wedding he gave me a flask for being in his weeding and to be honest I thought that was an awesome give. Simple, easy and extremely functional but something that I will keep forever. Now to be honest I have only used the flask once but that is something that never gets dated and something that I will always have.

When you attend a wedding do you buy a gift or give cash? Also, do you prefer shopping for the gift online or going to the store?

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