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What Card Is Right For You?

With it now being 2012 most of us have made New Year’s resolutions. I am assuming the #1 resolution is weight loss and #2 is probably some sort of financial resolution and this is where Nerd Wallet can help you find cash back credit cards.

With 2012 upon us now is the time where we should be reevaluating our credit cards and maybe think about replacing them with lower interest or reward cards. Nerd Wallet allows you to search credit cards by rewards such as travel and gas as well as low APR and balance transfer options. They also show you credit card options for students, business as well as cards for people with bad credit.

I like websites where they have all of your options in one place especially when it comes to credit cards. There are probably hundreds of credit card options and finding the right one on your own would be extremely difficult and very time consuming so Nerd Wallet putting your options all in one place is a real savior.

With just a few selections like what type of card you are looking for, your credit rating, your average spending, length you plan on keeping the card and fee you are ok with paying Nerd Wallet will spit out every card that they feel is a good match for your selections. To me this is a pretty easy site to use so if you are in the market for a new credit card for 2012 Nerd Wallet is the site for you.  Check out the Chase Sapphire Review for tips on turning points into cash.

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