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My home…It is my retreat and resting place

I remember when Melinda and I first met over ten years ago her and I both lived in apartments which in a way was nice because the rental management was there to take care of everything and anything you needed done in regards to maintenance.

When you make that move from apartment to your own place you no longer have that staff at your disposal and you become the property manager.  If the washer breaks you now need to figure out how to get it fixed or if it needs to be replaced where if you rent all you need to do is make a phone call to have it taken care of.  We are currently renting our property from a private owner versus a complex type place which in a way is nice.  I feel our place is a lot nicer­­ than a townhouse that would be in a huge complex type setting.  Our landlord lived in our place before we rented it so it was painted nicely and had a lot of upgraded features that a typical rental property wouldn’t have .  Whenever we need something done I either call our landlord or I will do the work myself depending on what needs to be done.

Another thing is when you get your own place more and more places now have hoa management and that is to try to keep the neighborhood as neat, clean and uniform as possible.  I feel there are pros and cons to a hoe association but usually in the long run the pros win over the cons.  I know where we are currently living has hoe management and it appears to be very beneficial.  This summer they are looking to put some money back into the community and install a bigger and better playground for the kids which we are looking forward to.  Again these are just my opinions and everyone needs to find a place that is just right for them where they can feel comfortable in calling it home.

What are your thoughts on renting vs buying?

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