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Cattiva Cosmetics Precisione Eye Liner

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*Update-I stopped using concealer and foundation on my eyes and am just sticking with Eyelid Primer and I’m having success with staying power of the eyeliner.

beauty blogger, cosmetics review, Cattiva Cosmetics is quickly becoming one of my favorite make-up brands. I’m thankful that I was introduced as a Beauty Blog Ambassador. My most recent review is their Precisione Eye Liner.

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to master eyeliner application. I have a bumpy lash line, maybe everyone does but eyeliners tend to skip and drag as I apply. This one didn’t; the Precisione Eye Liner glided on like butter. No voids in color at all. I was able to take the pencil all the way to the outside corners in one easy stroke. The color was intense and bold. I went on with my day.

This video shows you perfectly what I’m talking about. (video courtesy of kSquaredGlamour)

In general I don’t wear pencil eyeliners, they just don’t work well for me. I was hopeful that I was going to finally find something that worked. Maybe it’s my eye prep but within 2 hours it smudged; raccoon eyes. This happens with ALL pencil eyeliners. For the last 20+ years of wearing make-up I’ve very rarely found eyeliner that wasn’t liquid that had staying power. I did invest in some primer so I’m going to test this out. Maybe it’s my routine, maybe I have too much product. I do use concealers, maybe it’s too moist of an environment but I need to wear concealer to cover up my dark circles.
cattiva cosmetics, eye liner, anti aging makeup
CATTIVA Cosmetics is a luxury line of cosmetics found online and in high end boutiques and department stores. The Precisione Eye Liner is paraben-free, waterproof and fortified with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to help fight signs of aging. Everything else I’ve received from Cattiva has worked very well for me, I’ve really enjoying everything else so far.
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  1. I haven’t tried to wear liner in so, so, so long, but my daughter can just whip it on in 2 seconds flat and have it perfectly straight. Good to know this goes on so smoothly.

  2. Jen Tink says

    I’m not a big liquid eyeliner fan. This stuff sounds awesome though!

  3. Paula @ Magnolia Mom says

    I have been an eyeliner wearing girl since 7th grade. I don’t feel right if I don’t have it on. I’ve tried just about every kind you can think of but haven’t found that perfect one yet!!

    • Melinda says

      I remember using really crappy brands, like ones that would leave globs of black stuff on the inner corners blech LOL

  4. Billie says

    I’ve never been good at putting on eyeliner. I have extremely round eyes so eyeliner makes them look even more round, lol.

    • Melinda says

      have you tried doing the wings and then loading up on mascara on the ends, might make for a more elongated look????
      just a thought 🙂

  5. I wear liquid eyeliner. I love it! I will definitely try these products!

  6. I’ve always had a horrible time with eye liner too – both the liquid and pencil. I don’t use a primer, but maybe that would help?

  7. Maryann says

    Looks like you may have found the right combination. I always have pencils that smear too. I rarely wear them now.

    • Melinda says

      i can’t do kohl pencil, just doesn’t work for me unless I’m going for a smudged look LOL

  8. Lindsay says

    Eyeliner is seriously a mystery of the beauty world to me. I wear it on my upper lids every day, but I am incapable of getting it on my lower lids without looking like a goth punk. I’ll have to try some of that primer!

  9. I love eyeliner. Black. I wear it almost every day, just around the outside corner of my eyes. I can never line my whole bottom lash … at this age. Looks funny in my 30s IMO for me. LOL. But I love eyeliner. So thanks for the review!

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