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Date Night + Movies = Great Time

Melinda and I have been trying to have date night a little more often over the last month or so and there have been a lot of new movies hitting the theaters so that is what we have been doing on our date nights.

We try to see new movies within the first week of the release date as long as the cinema times are good for us because we find if we wait more than a week or so to see a particular movie we never go then we just wait for it to hit DVD.

The last time Melinda and I had date night we went out and had a nice dinner just the two of us with no kids and then went to see Act of Valor. We had a great night but date night tends to be expensive because for the two of us to go see a movie with snacks cost us close to $50 so we don’t go as often as we would like.

Movies are a treat for Melinda and I because date night usually consist of a shopping trip to Wal-Mart for groceries and other odds and ends that we need for the week. Sometimes we even do date night during the week with a trip to Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings or where ever else we need to run to. Maybe I wouldn’t call it date night but more like spending time together.

Do you go to the movies for date night? What is your favorite movie of all time?

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