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Follow the Rules for Crafting with Kids

It may sound silly to say there are rules for crafting since it’s all about creativity and making things your own but this tiny list should help you get the most out of that precious time spent with your kids.

  • Keep basic craft supplies in one spot. Put together a Craft Kit (like this one I did) of the tools and supplies you and your kids like to use the most. My kids like to use glitter glue, buttons and stamps so those are definitely in our kit. Here’s a great list of craft supplies to start with, add or subtract according to age, dexterity and mess control. Having everything in one spot or in one tote makes craft time start and end easier.
  • Teach child how to use scissors. Always cut away from the body and keep fingers on other side of paper from where they are cutting. One lesson I learned and retained while at a scrap-booking demonstration many many years ago was MOVE THE PAPER NOT THE SCISSORS. If your child is cutting shapes have them turn the paper into the scissors rather than their hand going left and right to round corners and curves. Using scissors should always be supervised and done while sitting down.
  • Always offer help but don’t push. Watching a child struggle with tiny sequins or buttons can be frustrating but don’t jump in to do it for them. Offer some help or an idea to make things go more smoothly but don’t take over and complete the task for them. They may want help getting glue in just the right spot but make sure it stops there unless they request additional help.

That’s it. It isn’t hard to keep craft time fun and safe. Plan ahead and always keep your eyes on what the kids are doing so you can guide them to a successful and completely project.

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