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Hosting Family Functions

They say home is where the heart is but to me home is where the beautiful kitchen and backyard are. When our family gets together for football, birthdays or just random outings most of the time is spent in the kitchen or in the backyard so to me it is important to have an awesome kitchen and yard where everyone can hang and have a great time and eat awesome food.

Melinda and I watch a lot of home improvement shows and I especially like when they show the work being done to the kitchen and the yard. These contractors who do this work are amazing and have some serious knowledge to do the creative and awesome work that they do. I think we have a pretty nice kitchen already and we are in the process of doing some work in the back yard so by the beginning of summer we are going to be ready to host family functions and I can’t wait.

Like I mentioned for me it isn’t 100% about the kitchen it’s also about the backyard because I like to hang out in the summer on our deck and in our backyard. I like to make our backyard functional but somewhere we can just relax and have a great time. Last year we had a garden and will be doing the same this year. We also redid our deck by getting some new furniture and accessories so that will be getting used often this season and we are thinking about putting our hammock back up so we can relax on those lazy sunny weekend afternoons.

The weather here in Delaware was extremely nice last week but will only be so so this week so we might not use the deck and back yard a lot this week so I guess we will just spend a little more time inside in the kitchen.

When you host family functions where do most people tend to hang out?

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