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Video Games Brought Shaun and Sabreena Closer

The other day I was on Facebook and heard someone mention a game called Skyrim.  I have heard about the game but didn’t know a lot about it so I asked Shaun and Sabreena did they know anything about this game.  The reason I even asked about this video game in the first place was because I was thinking maybe with all of my free time I would try a new video game to pass the time.  Funny thing is Sabreena did know about the game because a lot of her friends play it and talk about it all of the time but Shaun knew nothing.  The game is rated M for mature so maybe that is why Shaun knew nothing.

Sabreena then asked me could we rent the game because she really wanted to give the game a try so I checked a few Redbox Kiosks and found one with the game.  Now the second Shaun hears Redbox and games he wants to play as well but like I mentioned this game was rated M for mature so I need to be 100% what I was allowing him to play.  I told him I would need to watch Sabreena play the game first to see if this was something he could try.  After watching Sabreena play Skyrim I decided this was ok for Shaun to play so they began playing together.

Saturday night and most of the day Sunday Shaun and Sabreena each took turns playing Skyrim together.  Melinda and I were getting slightly annoyed because all they were doing was talking non-stop while playing the game but Sunday night I told Melinda this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because Shaun and Sabreena were spending time together hanging, talking and playing a game together and they weren’t arguing (not a lot anyway, LOL).  Not that they never talk or spend time together but it was kind of nice watching them sit on the couch together helping each other in the game.  When Shaun would get stuck in the game he would ask his big sister to bail him out which she was happy to do. 

I am glad I rented Skyrim for them this weekend because it was really cool to see them spend time with each other!!!! 

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