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Do You Game Online?

Games are what’s it these days at least for my kids and I because we play a ton of games either online or via some form of electronic device. 

Now for me I like places where I can download games for free online because my kids will play a game for fifteen minutes and decide that they are bored or realize it is too hard or a host of other reasons.  Recently Shaun and I found a place called which is pretty cool because they have a ton of different games to choose from.  They have a section that shows the top games of the week as well as newly released games and free daily games. also has a section for online games or if you like downloading them to your computer you have that option as well.  This site is very versatile and allows gamers to choice what games they want to play and how they want to play them.  I prefer to download games to my iPad or laptop personally so that I have them at my fingertips so that I can play them whenever the mood strikes. also offers a section where they will make game recommendations for you once you start playing games which I think is a pretty cool feature.  The list of cool features goes on and on and to me that is what makes this site stand out from a lot of other game sites.  When you have a free moment be sure to head over to and look around and see what games are a fit for you. 

Do you like to play games online?  Tell me what games you are playing these days.

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