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I Get Scared Because Of Mean People

The one thing in life that scares me to death is something happening to my children. I worry everyday when Sabreena and Shaun leave for school and I can’t really relax until they get home from school. What stinks is come September I will have to add Shae to the list of people to worry about since she will be starting kindergarten.

The world is a different place then when I grew up and there are some many things that children and parents have to worry about. The one thing that I really get worried about because I am seeing it more and more in the news is bullying and cyber bullying. For some reason kids love to pick on each other and I worry because Shaun and Sabreena are so friendly and easy going that someone may take their kindness for weakness and try to make them a target which really scares me.

Another thing that is very disturbing is that there are more cases of adults bullying children in school and even adults bullying children with disabilities. The one thing that I don’t understand is why children and especially grown adults think that it is ok to pick on someone else. Every time I see a report of an adult bullying a child it instantly saddens me then pisses me off because it takes a real coward and weak person to bully a child. Who cares if they are different for whatever reason because that is what makes the world go around and doesn’t give people the right to take advantage of them because of it.

I wish people accepted other for who they are and left it at that.

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