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Motorola Elite Sliver

Life is busy and regardless if I’m in the car or at home being able to answer and make hands free calls is essential and thankfully I am a Motorola Insider because I recently had the chance to analyse the Motorola Elite Sliver.

The Motorola Elite Sliver seems to last forever which is good because I am terrible at charging my Bluetooth and typically my old Bluetooth would die the second I get into the car. That isn’t the case anymore because the Sliver has a standby time of up to 35 hours with the charging case and up to 15 hours of talk time with the charging case. Another good thing about the Sliver is its range which is up to 100 meters/333 feet. I love the range and on numerous occasions have tested it without even noticing how far I was from my phone. The overall call quality and clarity of the Motorola Elite Sliver is awesome and that is due to its HD Audio Plus as well as echo cancellation. It also comes with noise reduction and automatic volume adjustment.  I also love that the Sliver is super easy to connect to my phone and after about a month of use hasn’t disconnected for no reason unlike my old bluetooth headset.

My MotoSpeak which sends texts without touching your phone with the My MotoSpeak app on Android phones is available with The Motorola Elite Sliver and let me tell you this is an totally AWESOME feature. This is an extremely useful and helpful feature for me when I am in the car on my way to and from work.  I am now able to send text messages without ever having to look at my phone which is good because in Delaware it is illegal to text and drive plus it is dangerous regardless.

For additional specs that I may have left out click HERE.

All in all the Sliver is one of the best bluetooth headsets that I have ever owned and I am happy to use it daily as it make my commute to and from work so much easier.

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