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Being Mr Mom Was Hard

This weekend was busy to say the least and I am not sure how single moms and dads do it.  I was without Melinda for less than 24 hours and it feel like I was going to die (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Melinda was at Bloggy Bootcamp in Philadelphia Friday night and Saturday which left me alone with the kids.  I want everyone to understand that I am not complaining that she went I just want to explain how busy it was without her.  Usually we will do a divide and conquer but I was solo on Saturday.

Here is a breakdown of my Saturday.

  • Took Shae to dance which runs from 10:30am – 11:30am
  • While Shae was at dance (closed to parents) I ran to get Melinda’s van washed and vacuumed
  • Picked Shae up from dance at 11:30 then went home to get her changed for a noon birthday party
  • At noon dropped off Sabreena, Shaun and Shae at the birthday party
  • After I dropped the kids off at the birthday party I took my car to get it washed and vacuumed
  • Went food shopping after my car was clean
  • Went home to put the groceries away
  • Got the two dogs  then went back to the party to pick up the kids
  • Dropped the dogs off at home
  • Took the kids to the mall for bathing suits (a lot happened while at the mall)
I typically don’t mind going shopping with the kids but at the very first store all hell broke loose.  While Shaun was in the dressing room trying on bathing suits I hear Shae crying.  I see Sabreena with her so I figured they were having some sort of argument that made Shae cry.  I then see Sabreena carrying Shae over to where I was and Sabreena told me Shae tripped, feel and slammed her head on the tile floor.  When I looked at her head I dam near passed out because she has the biggest goose eggs that I ever saw.  Thankfully am employee was in the area and ran to get some ice for Shae’s head.  I instantly went into panic mode because I wasn’t sure what to do so I took and picture and text it to Melinda to see what she thought I should do.  I want to say that I was totally not ready or equipped to handle this kind of traumatic situation what so ever.  I felt like I was going to have a panic attach because I was afraid Shae was seriously injured.  Thankfully after an hour or so no symptoms of a concussion appeared so that made me feel better but I did ask her random questions throughout the day like “count to ten” and “tell me your name” so I could be sure she knew what was going on.

This was 10 minutes after Shae hit her head

  • Took Shae to the Disney store for a treat since she dam near split her melon open
  • Finally left the mall and went home
  • Put pizza in the over and was about to take a shower when I got a text from Melinda
  • Went to pick Melinda up at a friend’s house who drove Melinda home from Philly
  • Stopped at Wawa so Melinda and I could get dinner since the kids ate the pizza
  • Went home to eat dinner
  • Chatted With Melinda for a while
  • Melinda went to bed and I worked on my new computer that I won in a giveaway
My Saturday started at 10am and ended at 10pm.  At 10pm I finally relaxed while the house was quiet for about two hours before I went to bed.  I guess I could have done a few less things that I listed but that isn’t who I am.  Crazy thing is I am already in panic mode for August when Melinda will be at BlogHer 12 for three days.  I am so going to die or have to hire a full time baby sitter, LOL.

I Disclose