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Courtesy Flush – Do You Know What It Means

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while and for some reason was holding back but after another incident that happened over the weekend I need to get this out.

Why do my kids not know the meaning of a courtesy flush? Let me explain but I must warn you this may get a little graphic.

To me the meaning of a courtesy flush is while you are going #2 in a public restroom, while at work, at families or even a friends you give a flush after #2 but before you wipe. Now depending on how long you are going #2 you may want to give a flush half way through going #2 so you would actually flush twice during the process. Reason being is you are trying to minimize everyone else from having to deal with the smell and you are avoiding clogging the toilet. For you eco-friendly people here now is not the time to worry about trying to conserve water because you are serving a greater good.

Ok, now that I have laid the ground rules for what and how a courtesy flush works why do my kids not do it? It seems like at least one or twice a week my kids clog the toilet. Now you would think it would be Shae since she is the youngest and has no concept of how much TP is too much but nope it is the oldest one. Shaun doesn’t even clog the toilet as much as Sabreena and the thing that kills me is even after they clog the toilet they don’t tell me it is clogged they just leave it for someone else to find. The other day Shae yelled “Dad the toilet is filling up with water” so I go look at it was clogged. Who was in the bathroom before Shae? Anyone? Yup you guessed it Sabreena. She is 16 years old so I know she can plunge a toilet but nope she leaves that little magical gem for someone else to deal with and when I ask her she told me it flushed. Really? How did it flush for her and almost overflow for Shae?

The thing that really threw me over the edge a week or so ago was Shaun was in the main bathroom so Sabreena needed to go and without asking went and used my bathroom. First off I like the kids to ask if they need to use my bathroom because you need to cut through my bedroom to get to the bathroom plus it is my own personal bathroom. Ok, so Sabreena couldn’t wait I guess so she used my bathroom without asking and then clogged my toilet. Really? How do you use my bathroom without asking then clog it, don’t plunge it and you don’t even tell me about it until I go to use it for #2. Not sure why but I have this habit of flushing the toilet before I use it and thankfully I did because I would have had a nasty disaster on my hands.

Now I am not saying that Sabreena is the only one who clogs the toilets in the house because Shaun has done his fair share as well but Sabreena’s occured more recently.

Also, just so you all know I don’t even clog the toilets in the house as much as Sabreena and Shaun do and I am a 38 year old grown man.

You know why I don’t clog the toilet folks, because I know the how the courtesy flush works and I use it!!!!!!!

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