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Hershey’s Track and Field Games Philadelphia

There’s more to Hershey’s than chocolate kisses and syrup. This year marks the 35th birthday of the Hershey’s Track and Field Games.

The HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games are the largest youth sports program of its kind in North America, with hundreds of thousands of children competing every year. Everyone has a chance to be among the 480 athletes who qualify to compete at the North American Final. The HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games has produced many Olympic medalists and competing athletes.

On Tuesday May 22nd at Northeast High School’s Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium children and their coaches, friends and families will gather to participate in Run, Jump and Throw activities. While there will be an organized track meet for kids age 9-14 there will be plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to have fun and get active. Step up to one of the many activity stations where you may jump rope, throw bean bags or join a relay race.

This event is free for the community and Hershey’s hopes to stress the importance of youth activity and living a balanced lifestyle while having fun. I’ll be on-site to help guide you and your kids to a fun evening of games and activities. Get all the details of the event and access to a RUN, JUMP and THROW Online Birthday Guide at www.

Find an event in your area and RUN, JUMP and THROW with your own kids.

I am partnering with Hershey’s on this event