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It’s Finally Up There

It’s already been almost 2 years since we moved into this house. While we are constantly making changes, purchases and improvements we’ve finally gotten the TV off my dresser and onto the wall. In previous homes we’ve had the tv on tv stands but for some reason lately my dresser has become it’s home. I’ve always hated it.
wall mount tv stand
My dresser should be home to my jewelry box, clean laundry waiting to be put away or the rogue hair bands Shae leaves around the house.

Having the tv on the dresser always meant propping up pillows on a rock hard headboard to watch a show through my toes. Laying on my side worked but after a few minutes my arm would fall sleep or my hip would ache. Then there’s the issue of the pillow putting a bit of a damper on my hearing. Now that the tv is floating high above my head I can lay comfortably in bed with a remote in hand and click click click to my heart’s content.

Unfortunately this also means that my dresser has become the catchall. I say WHATEVER; it is MY dresser right. Rob uses the dog crate as his iPad and magazine holder so it only seems fair.

Thanks Dad for upgrading your tv so we could inherit your stand!

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