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Kenneling pets in style and comfort

As you know we recently brought in 2 new members of our family, Coco and Rocky. Having new dogs in the family means training and getting the dogs adjusted to different circumstances. Our dogs are crated when we leave the house and during the night.

Petmate has recently expanded its reputable line of plastic pet carriers to include a modern and versatile top-loading model. The 2-Door Kennel presents pet owners, particularly cat owners, with a very helpful solution for more easily inserting and removing a pet from itscarrier.

19" pet carrier
19" pet carrier with food water bowl
The 2-Door Kennel is available in two sizes (19” and 24”) for pets ranging from 5 – 20lbs, and offered in four contemporary pearlescent colors—Pearl Ashe Blue, Metallic Pearl Tan, Metallic Pearl White and Pearl Honey Rose. Steel wire and plastic construction create a sturdy carrier that easily assembles and securely latches for safe carrying or auto travel.

This carrier, although new to the market, is quickly receiving recognition within the pet industry. It was chosen as a staffers’ pick for Stuff We Love in the Spring 2012 issue of Modern Dog Magazine alongside 14 other pet product favorites for the season. Most recently, Dr. Marty Becker—the popular veterinary contributor to ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America,” resident veterinarian on “The Dr. Oz Show” and the pet expert for the American Association of Retired Persons—chose Petmate’s 2-Door Kennel from thousands showcased at the industry’s largest annual tradeshow, Global Pet Expo, for inclusion in his annual “Dr. Becker’s Best” list.

“Petmate is already a trusted industry authority and solution provider, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to the development of innovative products that meet the evolving needs of pets and their owners,” says Larry Baab, Executive Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development for Petmate. “We are thrilled that the 2-Door Kennel has been so well-received by those in the pet industry, and look forward to introducing more products into the marketplace that improve the lives of pets and those who care for them.”

The 2-Door Kennel retails for $49.99 (19”) and $69.99 (24”), and is currently available at pet specialty retailers nationwide
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