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On to Week 2

Week 1 down and I’m kicking ass. Well that’s what I told myself last night. I have a habit of quitting when it comes to exercise and weight loss. If it isn’t easy than I’m done before I’ve even gotten a chance to see a huge change. BUT this week is starting better. I finished the entire day’s program. I started off strong, that’s probably my problem. Usually by the 20 minute mark I start to get some pain in my ankle calves I kept going whether it was walking or running.

I’m not one to keep time but Rob gave me these from his #Couchto5K app.
2.24 miles
13.5 minute pace (per mile)
30 minutes

This time Boy Wonder joined us. He starts football camp in the summer so it’s time to get his butt into shape too. He kept pace the entire time, skipping, jumping, hitting trash cans and kicking rocks. I’m proud of him.

I feel great after I’m running but during I just want to die. I literally ache the entire time, I’m that out of shape.
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There is a local 5k coming up, early June. We haven’t signed up yet but I’m wondering if we keep up this modified regimen would we be ready.

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