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Invisalign. Is it right for your family?

I look at my teenage daughter from across the room and she gives me the biggest smile, just because. She is confident and happy and friendly. She’s got a great smile, always has. Four years ago when the orthodontist told us that she would need braces everyone was quite confused. Our family and friends all saw what we saw, a vibrant and beautiful smile. Apparently even after is was explained to me I still didn’t see the issue but I left it up to the professionals.

The day the braces went on she was still smiling. She knows that a smile makes other smile. 2 years later she still smiled but not quite so bright. The braces were still on. There had been no change in months. We left the decision up to her, continue to create a new perfect smile or keep the perfect smile you already have. She choose to accept what she has was perfectly fine.

The braces came off and she smiled again and the world smiled with her.

sabreena smiles, invisalign teen
We recently attended an Invisalign Straight Talk Event in Baltimore to learn more about the options available to teens such as my daughter. From what I understand my daughter’s traditional braces were put in to correct a bite issue and then move on to address straightening and spacing. I don’t think they fully did what they were supposed to. I was thinking recently that Invisalign Teen might be the trick to finish the straightening part of the process while still maintaining her already confident smile.
during the event we learned some key points about using Invisalign

  • more esthetically pleasing-no metal, no wires
  • hygienic- removal of the trays for eating and brushing teeth keeps teeth clean
  • less food restrictions
  • less trauma and injury-no mouth sores and cuts from loose wires
  • less discomfort-no more tightening appointments
  • convenience-less appointments, able to work around busy schedules

Invisalign takes a more modern approach to aligning teeth.  No more adjustments and poking wires and headaches if all you want is a great smile. Simple plastic (BPAFree of course) trays are set into your mouth at determined intervals to move and align your teeth. Take a look at Horsforth invisible braces for example, and see for yourself what is on offer. Of course, each patient is different and requires different needs.  Take a Self Assessment or Speak to a Doctor to find out if you are a candidate

Learn more about Invisalign and if it would be right fit for your family. Enter to win an Invisalign smile from Mom it Forward. A grand prize winner will receive $1500 towards an Invisalign or Invisalign Teen treatment. Check out the rules and requirements for this contest over at Mom it Forward.

I was invited to attend the Invisalign Straight Talk Event and compensated to write this post.