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Running on Cloudrunners

As you know Rob and I took up running a few weeks ago. Our progress hasn’t been as good as I wanted mainly due to some pain.  During the first week of running I was getting intense pain in my feet, they were burning, going numb and felt bruised.  I got some comfort insoles.  Then I was having issues with my ankles, twisting them with simple steps.  I then got a ankle brace to add some stability.

I realized I was wearing the wrong running shoes.  I needed something that was going to support and stabilize my steps.  Getting up off the couch and instantly running was hard on my body. Rob and I did some research on good running shoes and found a company that actually has a shoe that is perfect for overweight people.  On is a shoe company that specializes in running shoes.  That’s it. No gear, no clothes, no gadgets, just a focus on the feet.
on running shoes company
On’s Cloudtec  technology is designed to absorb the impact of  the landing and taking off of each step with these “clouds” of rubber on the bottoms of the shoes.

Rob was able to find his shoes at a local Foot Locker, I wasn’t so lucky.  I contacted On and they aggreed to let me try out a pair of Cloudrunners to hopefully improve my run.  I’ve had the shoes for a couple weeks now and while my endurance has improved my pain has continued.  A couple days before receiving the Cloudrunner’s I started to develop what I thought were shin splints.  Here I am 2 weeks later with the same agonizing pain unable to run more than a few minutes.  Now Rob thinks i could have a minor stress fracture so I’m am going to take it easy.
cloudrunner running sneakers
The Cloudrunner makes concrete easy. The patented CloudTec™ system absorbs not just vertical but also horizontal impacts, making this model ideal for intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions. Heavy impact is transformed into a light, natural run that stimulates your postural muscles. Run on clouds. The Cloudrunner activates the running muscles and transforms impact into a light and natural stride. An enforced CloudTec™ system enables excellent stress absorption, efficient energy transfer and fast recovery.

For the time I was wearing On Cloudrunners I did notice less pain in my feet.  I worked with a local running specialty store where they fitted me for an insole that corrected my pronation so I no longer need the ankle brace.  So that left me just me and my shoes. I noticed better running form, better breathing, better endurance. I feel like I could be on a good road towards running that is fun.

Today running is not fun, not something I look forward to.  I want that day to come and plan on continuing the training when my right leg cooperates. I’m signed up for the Blogher 5k Fun Run and will be there, running, walking, hobbling or even wheeling myself down the streets of Manhattan.


  1. I need to find a decent pair of sneakers. My ankles seem to be weaker lately. I recently saw an ad on TV about wearing those shape-up sneakers and how they can be bad for your ankles. I walk for exercise and thought they felt great on my feet but now I won’t wear them anymore in case they are the reason why my ankles seem to be weak. I will have to see about the Cloudrunners, I have never heard of them before.

    • from what I’ve learned size and fit are the most important things to for walking/running shoes. get fitted and see what they say

  2. I’m so impressed that you haven’t given up. You have done great considering all the pain and problems you have had. I have never been a runner other than in my dreams. I sometimes dream that I can run (without pain and still being able to breath of course). The shoes sound like a major help. I wish you all the best!

  3. Having a supportive pair of shoes is really important. My physiotherapist recommended specific things to look for in shoes after I injured my knees, since I overpronate – it’s not the cause of the injury by itself, but can contribute so having the right shoes helps reduce the strain. That’s awesome that these have reduced your pain – I like the color of the shoes, too! 🙂

  4. You are a warrior! Those shoes do look amazingly comfortable. Take care of yourself and I hope you can get back to running in no time! 🙂

  5. Proud of you for getting out there. I love finding a great exercise that I enjoy! Good for you and Rob.

  6. The right shoe is so important in any kind of exercise! I know that I have to get new ones every 3 moths at least when I am actively going to Jazzercise class 3-4 times a week. If I don’t then my shins and heels start to have a lot of pain! I hope your pain goes away soon!

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