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Sometimes You Need A Little Help

Have you even been in a pinch between paychecks where you really could use a few bucks to get you through until payday? I know we have on a few occasions and could have really used a payday loan to get us through.

It is hard to always budget and plan for everything financial in your life and sometimes things just come up where you need a few extra dollars to cover something that you can’t do without like food, clothing or gas in the car. Recently in one week we were hit with an unforeseen medical and automotive expense that really put a hurting on our pockets and made things pretty difficult financially for a few weeks. I try to do what I can to budget for these kinds of things but sometimes like they say “Crap Happens” and there isn’t a single thing you can do to avoid it.

Thankfully neither circumstance was really really serious because if so we may have been in some serious trouble. You read all the time people going broke due to unforeseen medical expenses and I am glad that we didn’t end up in that situation because I would have been devastated.

These kinds of things make me think I really need to be on top of everything because that last thing I want is for my family to be in a situation that we aren’t able to recover from.

Have you ever been in a similar kind of situation? Were you able to recover from it?

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