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2012 Kia Sorento EX AWD Review

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What is better than getting to drive an awesome new car for the week except maybe owning that awesome new car but I must say that I really enjoyed my week behind the wheel of the 2012 Kia Sorento EX AWD.

My commute to work one way is about 52 miles which takes about an hour with no traffic but could take as long as 1.5-2 hours depending on traffic.  Having the Sorento get me through the daily traffic for an entire week was terrific.  It was super comfortable to drive and had a ton of awesome features like Sirius Satellite radio, blue tooth enabled phone and navigation.

iPhone/iPad Cable

 The Kia Sorento that we got to review was a dark cherry/black color with black leather interior.  To me there is nothing better than the feel and smell of new leather interior and I instantly feel in love and this was just the beginning.  Sitting behind the wheel looking at all of the controls threw me into a little bit of overload since neither of our two cars have anywhere near this many features.  Our Sorento had an AM/FM radio with Sirius Satellite radio, navigation, blue tooth enabled phone, backup camera and iPhone connection.   That was just the entertainment features then I saw the dual heated leather seats, climate control settings and dual power seats and darn near lost my mind. 

Ok, so that I don’t totally forget some of the features of the Kia Sorento that I really enjoyed I will list them for you now:

  • AM/FM/CD/MP3/SiriusXM Satellite Radio Audio System – What more could you ask for and I love Howard Stern so it col to have Sirius.
  • Infinity Surround Sound Audio System w/10 speakers – Shaun asked me on numerous occasions to turn the radio up so we could jam to Maroon 5.
  • Navigation System & Rear Camera Display – backup camera was a little hard to get use to because I was afraid I was still going to hit something or someone.
  • Push Button Start w/Smart Key – Really cool that you can start the car with the SmartKey in your pocket.
  • Eco Minder Indicator – Told me when I was achieving optimum fuel economy which is awesome since gas in Delaware is $3.47/gallon.
  • Auto-dimming Mirror w/Homelink – This is cool because cars behind you won’t blind you and I like that on the rear view mirror there are buttons that you can use to control your garage door.
  • Power folding outside mirrors – hit the lock button twice on the SmartKey and the vehicle locks and the mirrors fold in. TOO COOL!
  • 8-Way Power Driver’s Seat and Lumbar Support – Seats were soooooo comfortable and with all of the different settings it seems impossible for anyone not to be comfortable while driving this vehicle.
  • Third Row 50/50 Split Folding Seats – Since we are a family of 5 the third row came in handy but didn’t figure out until the last day that the passenger seat in the second row folds up allowing easy access to the third row.  LOL, we aren’t the smartest people in case you haven’t noticed.

These are just a few of the highlights for me but it had so many more cool little features that you probably would never even think about but make the Kia Sorento a really nice vehicle.   

All in all an AWESOME vehicle and definitely a vehicle I would consider buying.  The Sorento offered a really comfortable ride and I must admit I was a little sad when they picked it up.

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  1. I have heard so many good things about this car! The only down side to it is that it’s a little small… with 4 kids and one in a car seat I’m not sure that there would be enough room for all 6 of us on a family trip!

    • There would be room for all 6 but they you would have no space for luggage and other things. Maybe when one or two of children move out you could get this car, LOL.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Yeah, no. I’m 6’2″ tall, 225 pounds, and there’s not a single seat in that 8 passenger aircraft carrier of a station wagon that I can’t fit into and sit comfortably for hours in. Kia really knows how to build their stuff both utilitarian and comfortable, based on my mother’s ’10 Sorrento. That replaced a nearly slightly smaller ’02 Kia Sorento (I got her ’95 Sportage as a hand-me-down, and that was big enough to fit four people my size, plus camping gear, plus three footlocker sized fursuit boxes, comfortably, without using the roof rack, all in a package almost half the footprint of a Ford Explorer or a ’10 Sorrento, and more interior than the Explorer). Kia really knows their shit on making stuff hold way more than they look like they should and having each seat comfortable, going back well before the days Hyundai almost ruined the brand when they picked up Kia in receivership.

  2. My mom has one and I love that we can fit our three kids in there! It is hard to fit three car seats. Loved the detailed pictures about the mirrors and push button start!
    You have one heck of a commute!!

  3. Man, that looks like a gorgeous ride. My van is 10 yrs old. I’m SO ready to move on. The inside of that Sorento is Su-weet!! Thanks for sharing your borrowed vehicle!!

    • You are right in that the Sorento is Su-weet, LOL. i was hoping that they might forget it so that I could keep it forever but no such luck.

  4. Joy Williams says:

    I think 3 of my inlaws have this car! They all LOVE LOVE their Kia’s

  5. What an awesome little suv – I have a honda pilot but this looks like it gives that a run for it’s money! I bet you were sad to give it back.

  6. I am currently testing one of these out right now and I LOVE it. There are so many features that I wish my current vehicle had, like the backup camera.

  7. The fold in mirrors are so cool. It looks spacious enough to me, definitely suitable for our family of four. Bet you whimpered just a little when you had to return.

  8. linda trinklein says:

    thank-you for the review! Im very interested in the KIA !
    Love the thrid row seating.. thinking about having more children and this will be very handy!
    thanks again!

  9. Looks very nice and stylish. Thank you for the review!

  10. Jill L says:

    I so dream of getting a new car. We are trying to wait one more year. It’s nice to start looking at options now.

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