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It’s Not About the Swag #Blogher

who is going to blogher BlogHer ’12 NYC is just around the corner. Can you believe this will be my first? When BlogHer was in NYC 2 years ago I was kicking myself for not attending. NYC is within driving distance or in my case train ride distance so there is now way I can miss it.

There is so much talk lately about the parties and swag and gifting rooms. I never understood it before this year. I watch my Twitter and Facebook streams go by and it’s filled with upset bloggers wondering why they weren’t included, how they can get on a list, who they should be contacting and most recently if they can get a goody bag even if they aren’t attending. I’ll be honest, I’ve been invited to a few events and parties and I was excited to be included but I’m not upset that I’m not included in others. I’ve seen bloggers get downright pissed they weren’t included for a few parties.  This kind of behavior gives blogging a bad name.
swag bags, fighting over swag, who didn't get invited
I’m going to BlogHer to connect, to network and to mingle with friends that I haven’t even met yet. The session line up looks amazing as well as the Blogher sponsored parties. I’m looking forward to meeting brands and bloggers that I’ve only talked to through email on social networks. I’m looking forward to the experience not the stuff. Don’t get me wrong, getting stuff is great but I’m sure that’s not why these conferences were put together in the first place.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Sk8Geek
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