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New Balance made in the US

You won’t find many sandals or flip flops in Rob’s closet. In fact other than his work shoes, 1 pair of slippers and 1 pair of slides all he owns are sneakers. He loves sneakers of all kinds and ends up keeping them for a really long time. Even the garage has a stash of sneakers that are now only worth mow the lawn or cleaning the car.

new balance 990 AlignNew Balance have been Rob’s go to sneaker for years. He loves the fit and styles that go with everyday clothes. This Father’s Day Rob got another pair of sneakers to start the summer off fresh.

The New Balance 990 is what I would call a throwback. Rob and Shaun have both had this shoe in the past and it’s one that they lean towards when picking out new shoes. What we like especially about this shoe is it is/or mostly made in the US.

New Balance is the only athletic shoe company that currently manufactures or assembles shoes in the USA. Calling some already existing historic and shoe manufacturing facilities home is a great way for New Balance to nestle itself into the little communities.

Align is a collection of men’s training apparel that is designed to give visual cues during weight training. The wicking fabric pulls the perspiration away from the body allowing body to stay cool and dry. The weight of the shirt feels much high quality than other sport shirts that Rob purchases.

New Balance will be staying a staple in Rob’s closet for a long time.
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