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Raise You Hand If You Love Posters

Melinda and I were at Wal-Mart last week and I am not sure why but a poster caught my eye which made me take a closer look.  Looking through all of the posters took me back to a time when I was a lot younger and was really into posters and I can remember all of my walls and ceiling being covered.

I remember going to the mall with my friends during the weekend and the first place we would hit would be Spenser’s to check out the newest posters and also the black light posters.  I love posters to this day and I could see putting a couple up in the house but would want them to look nice and that is where a frame comes in.

Someone recently told me about a place that sells wholesale poster frames and that is what would be needed so that I would be able to turn an inexpensive poster into a really nice piece of art that I would be happy putting on the walls with our other artwork.  Don’t get me wrong when I say artwork I am not talking about Picasso or anything like that but for us it’s very nice and we are always up for adding more if appropriate and tasteful.

Shaun recently became interested in posters as well but his collection is a little more diverse as they includes sports, motocross and bakugan.  Not that there is anything wrong with that collection because I remember having all kinds of different posters and not really having any sort of theme when I was younger but now that I am older I do try to stick to a theme and make sure everything melds together but I am always open to new inexpensive art forms.

Did you ever collect posters? Do you still?

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