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I Think She Eats Them

How long have you had your current set of earbuds?  Yes the kind of earbuds you use when you listen to music on the iPod, iPhone or where ever you use them.  For me I have had mine for years and typically the only reason I get a new pair of earbuds is if I get a new phone and it comes with a new pair.

Sabreena (our oldest) on the other hand goes through a pair of earbuds like every other month.  I know she listens to music non-stop on her iPhone and I mean non-stop but I am not sure how she goes through so many earbuds. 

Somehow Sunday night we got on the subject because I saw she was using my Apple earbuds so when I asked her why she was using mine she told me hers broke.  My first question to Sabreena was why she was using mine that she didn’t even ask to use.  She knows that she breaks every single pair of earbuds she uses so why the heck would she use mine because she knows how irritated I will be if she breaks them so after that conversation she decided to go and shake down Shaun and Shae.  She asked Shaun if he had an extra pair and when he said no she resorted to asking Shae who is only five if she had a pair, LOL.  She is so hooked on earbuds she was begging her little brother and sister for a pair. HAHA.  What really made me laugh is when I heard Shaun ask Sabreena why she breaks so many pairs of earbuds.  He is only nine and knows she is a disaster, LOL.

Sabreena typically get 2-3 sets at a time because she knows she is either going to lose them or break them.  About six months ago Melinda took Sabreena to BestBuy and she bought three pair of $5 earbuds and she broke every single pair of them.  When I asked her what the heck she is doing to them she says “Nothing they are just cheap”.  That may be the case for some but I know for a fact she has had many sets of earbuds that cost between $30-$40 so her cheap argument isn’t 100% true.  Maybe she eats them or maybe she is a crime fighter by night and uses her earbuds to restrain criminals because I can’t for the life of me figure out why the hell she has blown through so many pairs over the years.

If you know of any earbuds that may be Sabreena proof let me know because I would be willing to check them out because she has probably been through 20-30 pairs.  I told her she needs to get a job being an earbud product tester because if they could withstand her abuse they could withstand anything, LOL.

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