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It’s More Than Just a Box

With a room full of toys kids find entertainment and fun in the simplest places. We received a large package about 2 weeks ago. The contents were emptied and the box was set to the side for recycling. Shae jumped in it and asked for markers. For the next 2 hours she drew on the box and “drove” it around the living room and kitchen. It’s become her car. She still has it, tucked neatly into a corner of her room and refuses to let it go.
fun with a cardboard box
It’s just an example that fun doesn’t have to cost anything.
drawing on a cardboard box, kids playing with a cardboard box
As a 16 year old you would think Sabreena is passed the make believe stage. She’s not. She told me about these HUGE cardboard boxes that the music department had from a recent delivery. Her and her friends got into the box and thought of how they could get it home to build a clubhouse. She said they were large enough that a handful of teens could sit cross-legged comfortably. Their plans were foiled when the teacher cut up the boxes shortly after. But it just goes to show that with a little brain power kids can make up their own fun without batteries, screens or accessories.

A child’s imagination is their greatest commodity. Give them a simple thing like a cardboard box and see what happens, what does that box become.