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Surviving the School Year

With three kids in school and involved in a variety activities you can imagine our schedule is crazy busy. Even on those rare days that the calendar is blank we find ourselves running around to handle details and errands that get missed on the other days. Shae is in dance, Shaun was in football, now in lacrosse and Sabreena is involved in academic after school clubs so we are never in the same area at the same time. Making sure everyone gets to their spot means we all have to be organized and aware of the family calendar.

phone calender screen shotMelinda and I share a digital calendar that holds everything from birthdays, family dinners, blog deadlines and appointments. We also keep a calendar on the bulletin board in our kitchen that lists the things that the entire family would need to know about. This includes field trips, family events and parties. The kids like to know what the plan is for an upcoming weekend, this calendar also keeps them updated.

Being so busy also means that we need to establish a regular routine for activities, homework, dinner and even bedtime. Being as efficient as possible cuts down on stress and wasted time and effort. The after school routine is the most important. Each day the first thing the kids need to do once they get home from school is unpack their backpacks, put lunchboxes by the sink, put shoes and coats away, get a snack (usually healthy) and get started on their homework. When something like unpacking lunchboxes happens this usually means delays when making lunch for the next day.

It’s important that the kids know exactly what needs to be done once they walk in the door from school. This routine works because each step serves a purpose. Each completed step moves the kids forward to their own down time to play.

The evenings fly by. By the time dinner is finished the kids need to start the bedtime process. Showers and teeth brushing happen in a whirlwind because they know the quicker they get done the more time they have for their own fun. Squeezing in a video games, books, crafts or television is usually the last step before sleep. The bedtime routine tends to go quickly because the kids are exhausted from their busy day.

Not every day runs this smoothly. There are always hiccups in the plan but the point is to have a plan to start with. If everyone know what they are supposed to do then we are only setting ourselves up for success.

Tyson Any’tizers asked me to offer your tips and tricks to survive the school year by all opinion are my own and belong to Look What Mom Found…and Dad too!

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