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Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After Philadelphia Giveaway

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Holiday time in the Philadelphia means Disney on Ice time. Every year right after Christmas the Wells Fargo Center is transformed into the newest Disney Wonderland. This year Disney on Ice Presents Rockin’ Ever After.
disney on ice rockin' ever after
Get ready to rock out with some of the most magical idols of all in a musical showcase that features the hottest tunes and talent from across the kingdom in Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After! Jam to a Scottish jig as a group of royal contenders from the latest Disney•Pixar film, Brave, competes to win the heart of headstrong, sharp-shooting Merida, making her ice debut! Experience a show-stopping performance as Sebastian breaks out of his shell for one night only to make waves with Ariel. A chorus of harmless hooligans from Tangled unleashes musical mayhem when they get a visit from the sassy and spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally Flynn. And, get your feet moving as the Beast and his castle’s enchanted entourage take center stage in a spectacular show for Belle. It will be a rockin’ remix of royalty when Disney On Ice brings this superstar line-up to your hometown!
disney on ice merida
Disney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After will be playing at the Wells Fargo Center Thursday December 27, 2012 through Sunday, January 6, 2013.

Click and use password “MOM” for $15 tickets!

Enter to win 4-pack of ticket vouchers for any weekday performance (except Friday night). Let me know what Disney Pixar character you are most looking forward to seeing.

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry above. Please note the changes to the entries and frequency, entries that don’t follow rules may be disregarded/ignored/deleted.

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