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Framed Button Art #kids #craft for Holiday Giving

The holidays are right around the corner and what better way to show a loved one on your list how much you care than with a handmade gift that will last longer than the season. My family loves seeing the ideas and creations the kids come up with year and year and this one can become part of the everyday room decor or a reminder each year of a time when hands were little.
button art kids craft
While this particular piece we made was personalized just for Shae it can be made to fit any theme or holiday. HO HO HO in red and white buttons is next on our list with a small tree in the corner. As always I like to mention a little educational spin that can be placed on our crafts. This one is a great way to get preschoolers and toddlers working on their color and letter recognition and patterns an improving fine motor skills. Spell out words for older children.


  • Picture Frame of any size
  • Buttons
  • Clear drying school glue
  • Pattered or colored cardstock or scrapbook paper

Time Needed:
15 minutes plus drying time

Prep Time:
Clean and dry the glass from your picture frame. Decide on image or word that is appropriate for your child

framed button art

Cover the backing of the frame with a patterned or colored paper, adhere with glue or tape. On the piece of scrap paper draw your letter, word or image and place under your clean glass to use as a trace for your buttons. Apply plenty of glue over the line drawing. Allow child to arrange buttons to fill the image or just cover the outline. Let the glue dry over night. Place glass back into frame, replace backing and gift to someone your love.

This craft can be altered many ways to include glitter glue, beads or gems for ANY theme or holiday. As you can see from the different photos above we worked on 2 different themes; a heart and the letter S for our Shae’s bedroom. Your frame choice is endless too. Little ones will benefit from an adult’s help with spreading the glue and choosing a simpler design. Intricate corners and details can be done with older children who may have better dexterity and fine motor skills. The options are endless with what you can create with your child.