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Hotel Transylvania Activity Guide

Halloween is a great time of year for finding things to do with the kids. We’ve been having a great time in our house, making toffee apples, carving pumpkins (carefully!) and creating our costumes for a bit of trick-or-treating.

This time of year always brings with it a few good family films as well, and this year is no exception. Hotel Transylvania is a rip-roaring piece of Halloween-themed fun that will delight the kids and raise more than a few chuckles amongst the older members of the audience – just the way a good family film should!

hotel transylvania activity guide

Hotel Transylvania Activity Guide courtesy of Sony Pictures

Adam Sandler is known for turning out some fairly turgid comedies over the years, as well as a few surprisingly good films along the course of his career too. In Hotel Transylvania he provides the voice for Dracula. He is supported by a big name cast, with Selena Gomez voicing Mavis, and Kevin James playing Frankenstein.

The great thing about this film is that it brings all the fun of Halloween without too many of the frights, meaning your little ones can enjoy it no matter their age. With monsters as the good guys, and humans as the villains, there’s some great laughs and the voice acting is of the very highest calibre.

Let’s not kid ourselves – you wouldn’t be going out of your way to catch Hotel Transylvania with your partner on a romantic night out at your local Vue Cinemas. It’s strictly kids’ stuff. But it’s good, wholesome kids’ stuff that you will happily enjoy.

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