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A Longwood Gardens Christmas

Except for the 3 years we lived in Maryland I’ve lived in the same 60 square mile radius all of my life. In all of those years I’ve never visited Longwood Gardens even when I was only 20 minutes away.

Longwood Gardens is a 1,077 acre estate in Kennett Square, PA that includes gardens, meadows, woodlands, fountains and a 4 – acre conservancy.

I was invited to participate on the Star Blogger Team for Longwood Gardens Christmas this past week. The introduction included a visit and tour of the property. While we didn’t get to view the entire estate we did see enough to be amazed and delighted at the twinkling lights and lush plants in the conservancy.
longwood gardens lights and snowflakes
It was already dark when we arrived to Longwood Gardens but were greeted with hanging lights and snowflakes and light covered trees to guide our way. I want to make sure our next visit has some daytime viewing so we can enjoy the other attractions such as The Garden Railway, the dancing fountains and magnificent decorated trees.
longwood gardens christmas tree
longwood gardens christmas tree music room
longwood gardens dinner table dupont
Longwood is going to become a tradition for our family for now on since I’ve been able to experience it first hand.
If you are local to the Philadelphia area I highly suggest taking the time to visit Longwood Gardens. I would highly suggest to visiting during the less busy hours during the weekdays. This will give you and your family more time to enjoy the scenery and foliage and flowers without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

Take my word for it, Longwood Gardens is worth the trip.