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It’s All Our Fault

We’ve created the monsters that we call kids. We’ve showered them with gifts and review new products that span every tech gadget imaginable. Now I have a 9 yo boy who can’t seem to find anything else to do with his life but play video games, watch videos on his iPod and play on the computer. I blame us.

video gamesI’m first to say I’m lost without my laptop or computer. I don’t leave a room without my phone in my hand or pocket. BUT I also know the enjoyment from reading a good book (nevermind that it’s on a kindle) or getting creative with a craft. Shaun seems lost without something with an on/off button lately. He’s at a age where toys aren’t appealing anymore. Playing outside is hard lately. It’s cold, rainy and the other kids in the neighborhood aren’t around much. That leaves him to play with his sisters. Shae wants to play kitchen and put puzzles together and Sabreena is experimenting with new make-up techniques and working on a script for a school project.

No one wants to do what Shaun wants to do so he’s left to occupy himself with electronics. I take them away for a few hours and he roams around the house. He spends 15 minutes looking through football cards then moves onto tossing a basketball through a mini net on his door then usually ends up falling asleep out of sheer boredom. I tell him he’s not allowed to fall asleep when it’s time time to unplug, that doesn’t count as down time. Board games seem to be the best way he spends his down time. They usually take up lots of time and Shae is always up for a game. I do join in the fun too but sometimes I have to work or cook or clean.

What do your kids do when it’s time to unplug?

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