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Rather Be Shopping Online and iPhone App Review

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coupon categoriesCoupons go way beyond groceries and household goods. Did you know there are tons of store coupons floating around the internet right now for things like sneakers, electronics and wine.

Rather Be Shopping is online coupon site that is dedicated to bringing their readers the latest in deals, discount and savings for everything in your life.

I’m not a supermarket couponer. I’ve tried. It doesn’t’ work for me and the way my family shops BUT I will look for deals when heading out for entertainment, clothing shopping and department stores. I know there are amazing deals for shopping online too. Free Shipping codes are my favorite and I will shop more if there is a promise of savings at the end.

Rather Be Shopping can also set you up with Coupon Alerts for your favorite shops. I’m a Kohl’s shopper, I’m there multiple times a week and know that their coupons and sales will give me a great deal on things I already plan on buying. Setting up coupon alerts puts these deals at your fingertips. If you’re like me and read all email on your phone your coupons are with you everywhere you go. In fact the Rather Be Shopping coupon app might better than the alert option because you have access to the entire coupon database with just a couple clicks.

coupn alert rather be shopping

Some research on Rather Be Shopping pulled up a few deals I’m going to take advantage of this week. Remember the post about Sabreena’s headphone abuse? Well this Christmas we are stuffing her stocking with earphones that will hopefully last till next year.
best buy coupon
Unfortunately Rather Be Shopping is only available as an iOS app. Hopefully an Android version is in the works so i don’t have to rely on Rob’s phone for savings. Don’t let this stop you though. Use the Rather Be Shopping online site to gather your deals and coupons and get shopping.

Interesting fast. Rather Be Shopping is a mom and dad run site, similar to ours. 
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  1. Cool! I need to check it out since I love Kohl’s too. I just looked at the iPhone’s Passport feature and downloaded the Target app. I’m anxious to see if it helps me save more because I’m always forgetting to check for coupons for Target.

  2. sounds like a great app, cant wait to it is available on android

  3. Hi Sherry, look for an Android app in February of next year.

    Thanks guys for the nice review!

  4. I have rarely used coupons in the past, because it is difficult to find coupons for gluten free products. However, since my husband and I are now both unemployed, it is becoming necessary for me to use every financial tool out there to save money. Thanks for the tip on Rather Be Shopping

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